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The clinic is a one man practice so you will generally see myself and not a different vet each time you come. When I am away I try and employ the same locum each time for continuity.

Veterinary attention is available for any animal from fledglings to horses.

I am not a pet shop so will not persuade you to buy all that unnecessary stuff that is found in pet shops. However I can supply everything you may need including foods, collars etc that your pet may require.

Veterinary attention is practical and kept as simple as possible. While it is based on veterinary common sense, the medicines and equipment which are used are the most up to date. If more elaborate diagnostic tests are required they are available both in house and by referral to specialists.

There are many problems that do not require medicine or tests just reassurance for the owner. We will give just that.

Vets have been accused of being too business orientated and giving precedence to making money. Here at the Addison & Holland Park clinic our principle is ; the owner and animal are the primary concern and making a living will inevitably follow.

Treatment and diagnostic tests are kept appropriate to the condition at hand. By this means the costs are kept appropriate to the problem being treated.

Everyone has a different attitude towards their pet. I try and consider your pet in the same light as you do.

I am very aware of the cost of veterinary attention so the needs of both your pet and you the owner are always taken into consideration. You will only be asked to buy treatment and tests that are considered absolutely necessary. If you have financial difficulties or problems getting to us, talk to us about it and we usually can find a way to help.

Call 0207 603 4407 at any time